Interested parties can become regular members of GERA if their academic research demonstrates that the association would benefit academically and professionally through further cooperation. A doctorate and a number of scientific publications in the field of educational sciences are compulsory for GERA – or in some cases, extensive academic engagement in the field of educational research can also be accepted. (GERA Constitution § 3, (1))

Those pursuing an academic occupation in the context of educational research and intending to complete a doctorate in the field of educational sciences are eligible for associated membership. An associated member may become a regular member once he or she has fulfilled criteria according to § 3, (1) of GERA’s constitution. 

In special cases, those who are interested in working with a certain division, but who cannot become members under the regular criteria, may request to become co-opted members. Co-opted members do not receive the “Erziehungswissenschaft” magazine and do not have voting rights according to the constitution.

The membership contribution currently stands at €80.00 for regular members and €35.00 for associated members. The fee entitles members to a subscription to "Erziehungswissenschaft" and the congress proceedings. GERA is recognised as a non-profit organisation and is registered in Berlin with the association number VR 29048 B. The membership contribution is tax-deductible.
A lower fee is available for pensioners and the unemployed.

Application forms you will find here.