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Division for School, Curriculum and Pedagogy

The Division for School, Curriculum and Pedagogy in the German Educational Research Association (GERA/DGfE) is divided into three subdivisions

All members of the above mentioned subdivisons are members of the Division for School, Curriculum and Pedagogy. With more than 1,100 members, the Division for School, Curriculum and Pedagogy is the largest division of the DGfE. The General Assembly and the Executive Board are the organs of the division; General Assemblies are usually held every two years at the DGfE congresses. The subdivisons hold conferences according to their own planning. In spite of all differences in the researching attention to practical realities, the school pedagogical orientation is the basis of common research activities. 

Emerging Researchers

We are the network of emerging researchers in the Division for School, Curriculum and Pedagogy. In our network there are the following activities:

  • annual meetings with presentations of projects of emerging researchers, workshops and discussion of current questions of the German Educational Research Association;
  • groups of emerging researchers on various theoretical and empirical issues with periodical peer-to-peer-workshops;
  • a padlet with current events for emerging researchers (https://padlet.com/wqvernetzung/re9kvgbrjbxosbk4).

For further information you can contact Dr. Andrea Bossen (andrea.bossen@paedagogik.uni-halle.de) or Richard Lischka-Schmidt (richard.schmidt@paedagogik.uni-halle.de).


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