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GERA Membership

Regular Membership

Interested parties can become regular members of GERA if their academic research demonstrates that the association would benefit academically and professionally through further cooperation. A doctorate and a number of scientific publications in the field of educational sciences are compulsory for GERA – or in some cases, extensive academic engagement in the field of educational research can also be accepted. (GERA Constitution § 3, (1))
The membership fee for regular members is €100 per year. In case of retirement, unemployment or marginal employment the membership fee can be reduced on application. Please see the membership fee regulations.

Associated Membership

Those who pursue a scientific activity in an educational context and who aim to obtain a doctorate in an educational context are eligible for associated membership. The associate membership can be converted into a regular membership upon application after the fulfilment of a proof according to § 3, (1) of the statutes.
If this proof is not provided after six years, the associate membership shall expire. After the expiry of the six years, the associate membership can be extended by up to two years on application if the doctorate has not yet been completed but is still being pursued. Please contact the office for this.
The membership fee for associate members is €35 per year.

Application for Membership

Please download the application for membership here.
The DGfE is recognised as a non-profit association and is registered in the Berlin Charlottenburg Register of Associations under the number VR 29048 B. The membership fee is tax deductible.

Contribution regulations

Associated members: €35.00
Regular members: €100.00
A fee reduction for regular members is possible on application for:

  • Retired members: €40.00
  • Members with 65% employment or less (based on TVÖD 13/14 and comparable rates): €35.00
  • Members seeking employment: €30.00
  • Members employed and resident in an Eastern European country: €52.00