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Subdivision for Philosophy of Bildung and Education

Bildung” and “Education” refer to pedagogical conceptions and practices used to reflect on issues emerging from the interaction of different generational groups. This reflective process makes it possible for members of the various groups to examine, redefine and even alter their relationship others and the world around them. The specific form and meaning these pedagogical concepts take are shaped by their respective historical, political, social and cultural contexts. That educational matters are inextricable linked to and embedded in historical, societal and cultural conditions as well as discursive orders becomes all the more evident in light of the current global processes of transformation. They initiate new processes of self-understanding that affect both education studies as an academic discipline, as well as the tasks and possibilities of different professions in the field of education.
One of the central aims of the Subdivision for Philosophy of Bildung and Education is to identify and communicate global developments emerging within the educational studies discourse in a way that does justice to the theoretical complexity of the issues. This also means finding suitable answers to the challenges confronting the development of theories, fundamental terminology and concepts as well as how the discipline conceives itself and its tasks. The subdivision’s approach is interdisciplinary in nature. Building upon the extensive epistemic traditions and methodologies within the discourse on Bildung and Philosophy of Education, the subdivision also draws upon various philosophical traditions as well as current theoretical developments in neighboring disciplines. Every autumn, the Subdivision for Philosophy of Bildung and Education organizes interdisciplinary conferences on specific topics. Guests are very welcome to attend.


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Weiß
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