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GERA Research Award

With the Research Award, the German Society for Educational Science recognises outstanding research activities by scholars in the field of educational science whose work

  • enrich theoretical discussions
  • present outstanding empirical findings
  • contribute to solving research methodological problems
  • address innovative questions with new research designs
  • and have a particularly lasting, positive effect on the shaping of educational practice.

The award-winning achievements were communicated via a nationally or internationally recognisable publication and are thus receivable. The awarding of the prize is intended to further strengthen the importance of research as a core area of educational science and to make it known to a broader public. The research prize is awarded every two years at the DGfE Congress. 


Georg Breidenstein


Ulrike Pilarczyk


Michael Göhlich, Andreas Schröer und Susanne Maria Weber
representative for the Research Network Organizational Pedagogy


Sigrid Blömeke


Eckhard Klieme