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Working Group for Research on Inclusion

At the request of a group of educational scientists from different divisions and subdivisions of our association, the council of the German Educational Research Association (GERA) established a Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung) at its meeting on November 3 and 4, 2016, for an initial period of three years. In November 2019, the GERA council extended the Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung) for another four years, until 2023.

The Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung) aims to create a place where the significance of inclusion in research and teaching can be discussed beyond the sub-disciplinary boundaries and its organization in the form of divisions and subdivisions within GERA, building on the existing knowledge and expertise of the divisions and subdivisions.

In the first phase of the Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung) (2017-2019), three conferences were held – "Difference as a Focus of Inclusion Research" (University of Cologne – 2017), "Educational Inclusion Research. Norm – Disability – Justice" (European University of Flensburg – 2018) and "Inclusion Research between Normativity and Empiricity" (University of Education Freiburg – 2019). The following publications have resulted from these:

  • Budde, Jürgen; Dlugosch, Andrea; Herzmann, Petra; Rosen, Lisa; Panagiotopoulou, Julie A., Sturm, Tanja; Wagner-Willi, Monika (Hg.) (2019): Inklusionsforschung im Spannungsfeld von Erziehungswissenschaft und Bildungspolitik [Inclusion Research in the Field of Tension between Educational Science and Educational Policy]. Schriftenreihe der AG Inklusionsforschung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE). Opladen: Verlag Barbara Budrich.
  • Bräu, Karin; Budde, Jürgen; Köpfer, Andreas & Rosen, Lisa (Hg.) (2019): Erziehungswissenschaftliche Inklusionsforschung. Norm – Behinderung – Gerechtigkeit [Educational Research on Inclusion. Norm – Disability – Justice]. Zeitschrift für Inklusion, Themenheft 2/2019.
  • Fritzsche, Bettina; Köpfer, Andreas; Wagner-Willi, Monika; Böhmer, Anselm; Nitschmann, Hannah; Rott-Fournier, Charlotte; Weitkämper, Florian (Hg.) (2020, im Ersch.): Inklusionsforschung zwischen Normativität und Empirie – Abgrenzungen und Brückenschläge [Inclusion Research between Normativity and Empiricity – Demarcations and Bridges]. Opladen: Verlag Barbara Budrich.

In the second phase, the 4th conference of the Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung) will take place at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg entitled "Basic concepts in educational science reflected in inclusion (research)". Due to the Corona pandemic the conference (originally scheduled in 2020) will now be hosted on 24.-26. July 2021 (information on the Call for Papers, programme and registration will be provided well in advance).

The Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung) sets itself the following agenda for a second phase:

  1. to deepen the theoretical and empirical exchange of educational research on inclusion
  2. to debate on questions of inclusion as a teaching topic – supporting the discussion on the development of a core curriculum
  3. to develop a concept for anchoring the topic of inclusion within GERA

In the first phase of the Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung), the initiators Prof. Dr. Jürgen Budde, Prof. Dr. Andrea Dlugosch, Prof. Dr. Petra Herzmann, Prof. Dr. Argyro Panagiotopoulou, Prof. Dr. Lisa Rosen, Prof. Dr. Tanja Sturm and Dr. Monika Wagner-Willi were involved in the work and the coordination of the working group. In the second phase of the Working Group for “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung), these are Dr. Nicole Balzer (University of Münster), Prof. Dr. Karin Bräu (University of Mainz), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Budde (European University of Flensburg), Prof. Dr. Anja Hackbarth (University of Mainz), Prof. Dr. Andreas Köpfer (University of Education Freiburg), Prof. Dr. Argyro Panagiotopoulou (University of Cologne), Prof. Dr. Lisa Rosen (University of Cologne), Prof. Dr. Tanja Sturm (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg).

Prof. Dr. Andreas Köpfer | andreas.koepfer@ph-freiburg.de (University of Education Freiburg) and Prof. Dr. Lisa Rosen | lisa.rosen@uni-koeln.de (University of Cologne) act as contact persons for questions concerning the special interest group “Research on Inclusion” (AG Inklusionsforschung).