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Subdivision for Primary Education Research

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Current conference: Primary school research meets childhood studies
Annual conference of the Subdivision for Primary Education Research from Wednesday, 27 September to Friday, 29 September at the University of Siegen.
Conference website | Call for Papers (german version) | Deadline: 31.03.2023

Preconference from Tuesday, 26 September to Wednesday, 27 September
Conference website | The Call for Papers will be released in January. | Deadline: 31.05.2023

About the subdivision

The Subdivision for Primary Education Research was founded in 1992 as the “Primary research” working group. In 1999 it became one of three subdivisions of the Division for School, Curriculum and Pedagogy of the German Educational Research Association (GERA).
The initial aim of the subdivision was to anchor primary school pedagogy as a research-oriented field in the educational scientific discourse and thus to overcome the previously prevailing ideas of primary school pedagogy as aiming exclusively towards training future primary school teachers by focusing mainly on teaching methods. Over the last decades, primary school pedagogy has become an important theory-building scientific discipline that is highly recognized, especially within the German national context – also because primary schools as such for all children from 6 to 10/12 years old are predominantly a German phenomenon. In this national context they serve as basis for a segregated secondary school system.
In the field of primary education research, the broad range of quantitative and qualitative methods as well as mixed methods finds application. Within these paradigms, research projects are often designed as field studies or as studies about primary schools from an institutional point of view, teaching and learning processes in primary school education and transitions from pre-school education to primary school and form primary to secondary school. Additionally, historical research methods are used within the subdivision for mainly qualitative studies on historical sources from the educational sector regarding primary schools and primary education.
The Subdivision for Primary Education Research organises an annual conference and edits a yearbook. With the aim of supporting emerging researchers as much as possible, the subdivision runs a special working group “AG Priqua” dedicated to this purpose and awards the “Aloys Fischer” prize for excellent PhD theses annually.


Prof. Dr. Petra Büker
Universität Paderborn
Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft
Arbeitsbereich Grundschulpädagogik und Frühe Bildung
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Prof. Dr. Astrid Rank
Universität Regensburg
Fakultät Humanwissenschaften
Institut für Bildungswissenschaft
Lehrstuhl für Pädagogik (Grundschulpädagogik)
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg

Working Group Emerging Researchers in Primary Education (AG PriQua)

The working group Emerging Researchers in Primary Education was founded in 2015 at the annual meeting of the Subdivision for Primary Education Research. The working group provides important impulse within the subdivision, focusing on the special character of primary education research.
The working group equally comprises emerging researchers and established professors from the field of primary education research, who should represent the subject as broadly as possible, both methodologically and in terms of content.

The working group would like to fulfil the following functions:

  • Organisation and sustainable establishment of training in research methodology
  • Promotion of intra- and interdisciplinary research exchange and networking
  • Providing advice and support for emerging researchers

The working group performs the following specific tasks:

  • Supporting the conceptualisation and organisation of the pre-conference for emerging researchers regarding structure (formats) and personnel (speakers), in close consultation with the respective conference management
  • Coordination and distribution of local networking and training options for emerging researchers within and outside the subdivision
  • Organisation of advisory processes, e.g. through colloquia, activation of existing networks, etc.
  • Establishing an active networking and information exchange between emerging researchers via social media channels (e.g. Twitter)

Speaker of the working group/AG PriQua

Julia Poschmann
Universität Osnabrück
Fachgebiet Sachunterricht
Neuer Graben 7-9
D-49074 Osnabrück