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Division for Women’s and Gender Studies in Educational Research

About the division

The Division for Women’s and Gender Studies in Educational Research consists of educational scientists who are members of the German Educational Research Association (GERA) and who do research from a gender perspective on theory and practice of educational thought and action. Women's and gender studies in educational science is a widely differentiated field: school pedagogy and social work, adult education, vocational and business education, historical and biographical research of pedagogical fields are part of the division’s interests. General pedagogical questions, fundamental ways of thinking in educational science and fields of pedagogical action are reflected with regard to gender relations in society. Many impulses for the revision and reorganization of pedagogical fields and of educational theory have emerged from the results and critique of women's studies.

The division

  • is a platform for exchange and further development of educational theory and research
  • supports researchers in the field of women’s and gender studies
  • advises the board and other divisions of GERA
  • promotes and supports young researchers
  • links researchers and practitioners in different fields of pedagogical activity
  • participates in the representation of interests in professional politics
  • promotes work on pedagogical gender issues through conferences, congresses, working groups and publications.

Networking of Emerging Researchers 

We welcome everyone who is interested in a joint scientific discussion on topics of women's and gender studies in educational science and who would like to contribute their perspectives to the networking. Membership in the division is not a requirement but desirable. If you are interested please contact Florian Cristobal Klenk (f[dot]klenk[at]apaed[dot]tu-darmstadt[dot]de) and Anna Hartmann (hartmann[at]uni-wuppertal[dot]de).

Mailing lists of the division

The mailing lists are for members of the Division for Women's and Gender Studies and for interested persons. Members are automatically on the list. Information from the GERA board is also communicated to divisions members via the mailing list. Please contact Dr. Claudia Mahs: cmahs[at]mail[dot]upb[dot]de


Prof. Dr. Jeannette Windheuser | Speaker
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dr. Anna Hartmann
Universität Wuppertal

Prof. Dr. Thomas Viola Rieske
Evangelische Hochschule Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe