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Subdivision for Research on Educational Research

Since Robert K. Merton at the latest, it has been a task of social science research and historical research to make the science system, its knowledge production and its organisational structures into its own subject. Within the German Educational Research Association (GERA), it is the Subdivision for Research on Educational Research, the oldest subdivision of the Division for General Educational Research, which has been dedicated to disciplinary self-observation and clarification since 1978, initially as a “working group”, then from 1985 as a subdivision.
Its work focuses on questions of the theory, history, sociology and methodology of educational research. It examines the establishment of educational research, its change and the development of knowledge production in educational research, both in the form of theories, concepts and methods and in its organisational and disciplinary-communicative forms. In doing so, the disciplinary boundaries to and overlaps with other disciplines come into view, as do the internal relationships of educational research sub-disciplines to each other. The subdivision also deals with social and communicative networks, the reception of classics or the popularisation and use of educational knowledge and forms of knowledge in political and pedagogical-professional contexts, but also with the development of study programmes, changes in denominations or academic staff.
The subdivision organises an annual conference in autumn with a call for papers on changing topics. Accepted contributions can be published in a conference volume after a critical peer review. To this end, the subdivision publishes a series entitled "Contributions to the Theory and History of Educational Research" with the Klinkhardt publishing house, which can also include other thematically relevant volumes after appropriate peer review. In addition, the commission is involved in the organisation of further workshops, symposia and working groups. Emerging researchers are supported - depending on need and financial possibilities - in conference participation and publications.


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