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Subdivision Educational Leisure Research

The division "Pedagogical Leisure Research and Sport Pedagogy" is divided into two subdivisions: "Pedagogical Leisure Research" and "Sport Pedagogy". Both subdivisions work thematically and organizationally independently.

The subject of the Subdivision for Educational Leisure Research is the individually freely available time of life, its social relations, its developmental dynamics and its subjective significance. The focus is on the examination of learning educational processes for and in leisure time as well as in leisure-oriented, i.e. experience-oriented contexts. Informal and non-formal learning processes, extracurricular didactic concepts outside of genuine educational institutions are the focus of the analyses. In the context of the diverse fields of action of leisure (culture and event, tourism, sports and health, nature and ecology), the promotion of the quality of life of all in terms of cultural and social participation is of great importance.


Prof. Dr. Renate Freericks
Hochschule Bremen
Fakultät Gesellschaftswissenschaften
Neustadtswall 30
28199 Bremen